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Lophotrochozoa hypothesis versus Spiralia hypothesis - phylogenetic analysis of bilaterian phyla using complete mitochondrial genomes

The sequencing of mitochondrial genomes of several invertebrate taxa belonging to the Lophotrochozoa shall give insights into the relationships of these phyla and shall lead to an evaluation of the conflicting hypotheses in bilaterian relationships (Lophotrochozoa-Ecdysozoa-Deuterostomia versus Spiralia-Radialia). Included in this proposal are species nemerteans, sipunculans, entoprocts (=Kamptozoa), ectoprocts (=Bryozoa), myzostomids and free-living platyhelminths ("Turbellaria"). Except for platyhelminths complete mitochondrial genomes from these phyla are up to date not published in the databases. Sequence data, gene rearrangements and RNA secondary structures will be analysed in detail to infer phylogenetic relationships.


Prof. Dr. Th. Bartolomaeus, Institut fuer Biologie - Zoologie, Berlin

Dr. Lars Podsiadlowski, Institut fuer Biologie - Zoologie, Berlin