Project Info

Molecular phylogenetic analyses of lower crustaceans ("Entomostraca")

We want to contribute crustacean sequences for the final analyses of all data compiled within SPP 1174. To test with new information the Ecdysozoa-hypothesis versus the Articulata (e.g. controversy Zrzavy et al. 1998 vs. Waegele and Misof 2001), to test the Tetraconata or Pancrustacea and Myriochelata -hypotheses (e.g. Richter 2002, Pisani et al. 2004) versus the Mandibulata, it is essential to have data of lower crustaceans and of Malacostraca, because the place in the arthropod tree where the insects and myriapods branch off might be within Crustacea. The Malacostraca will be dealt with in a project of another applicant, but they could as well be integrated here. New sequence data of lower crustaceans will be obtained, focusing on the genes that will be selected by the SPP sequencing group and on representatives of all major groups of crustaceans (excluding Malacostraca that will be studied by another team), to get a more reliable phylogeny of extant crustaceans. Combining these data with those from other arthropods (obtained by other teams) we will be able to test with a data set of a hitherto unavailable quality if Crustacea are paraphyletic with respect to insects and/or myriapods. Furthermore, we want to resolve the phylogeny within Crustacea (or Pancrustacea, if Tracheata branch off within the crustacean tree). To test the obtained phylogenies we want to compare the results of the molecular analyses with studies of morphological data. Part of the latter will be done by the second applicant, part by other teams within the SPP, and we must wait for (a) the grants and (b) for first results. Therefore, for the first two years the applicants will focus on the sequencing project described below.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang W. Waegele, Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, Bonn

Prof. Dr. Dieter Waloszek, Universitaet Ulm, Ulm