Project Info

The "Atelocerata" - a vanishing hypothesis?

Our project is designed to be integrated into the SPP 1174 "Deep Metazoan Phylogeny - Stammesgeschichte der Grossgruppen der Tiere" (DFG). In this project we will contribute data from basal hexapod lineages and myriapods. The contribution of these two arthropod groups will be important in clarifying long still insufficiently resolved phylogenetic questions concerning the evolution of arthropods. Besides contributing data for the metazoan tree, the project will focus on two pieces of detailed work: a) a basal phylogeny of hexapod lineages, in coordination with projects of the SPP 1174 on pterygote insects and b) on a phylogeny of the myriapods. The sequencing efforts refrain from sequencing mostly easily accessible mitochondrial genes, but instead will rely on EST analyses which will deliver many new gene targets for these phylogenetic reconstructions. Together with sequencing of more traditional genetic markers, both subprojects can be expected to deliver new insights into the evolution of hexapods and myriapods. Robust phylogenetic relationships among arthropod groups, and in particular among hexapod and myriapod lineages, will help to improve our interpretation of assumed ground plan body patterns and evolution of arthropod terrestrial life. It can be expected, that the published results from these analyses will foster new molecular investigations in various fine scaled phylogenetic analyses of arthropod groups by profiting from the comparative EST data.


PD Dr. B. Misof, Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, Bonn