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Deep Metazoan Phylogeny: Insects/Pterygota

Insects are by far the most successful animal group on Earth. Radiation of bauplan modifications and ecological adaptations reach an unchallenged diversity. Unfortunately directions of evolutionary change are often unknown since phylogenetic relationships between insect orders are not resolved. As one example, the invention of wings and their anagenetic evolution into an astonishing diversity of flight organs is subject of discussion. The first goal of this project is to accumulate a mass of molecular sequence data from a representative sampling of all pterygote insects. These data will be used in an attempt to clarify the early phylogenetic branching pattern within Pterygota. Specifically, analyses that explicitly assess the likelihood of alternative competing hypotheses of relationships, given our data set, will be conducted. Phylogenetic hypotheses (ideally trees) that are supported by our data will be used in the overall arthropod phylogeny reconstruction. This study is part of the deep node metazoan tree of life to be generated by the DFG priority program ???Deep Metazoan Phylogeny???. All data sets are an integrative part of comparative phylogenetic studies in the Protostomia lineage.


Dr. Heike Hadrys, Tieraerztliche Hochschule, Hannover